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and North America. It is about 25 to 28 /x in length, and has no
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people, all these represent candidates for the lumber
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cause ; probably the disease is caused by circumstances incidental to intem-
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occur was to keep the lowerportion of the child in the
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after electrolysis and after excision of a portion of the tongue. It has
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evidence to confirm this hypothesis. Pooled data from
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those whose meshes are wide, provided the essential elements of coagula-
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passive immunization of human cases. Leprous patients are also being
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parasite within the red corpuscles, to recognize that it was endowed
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has an iuHuence upon the sensory or afferent fibres,
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Dr. Els])erg, of this city, has been appointed honorary
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in the tears in demonstrable quantity. (3) That calomel, though only very
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a set of nerves distributed to them, and named from their
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introducing the instrument, and an occasion soon of-
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her last. From the time that the stercoraceous vomiting commenced, no
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work comprising some four hundred and forty odd octavo pages
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dyne remedies are also generally indicated by the excited condition, of the
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These illustrative examples however, important as they are, be-
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vessels are here l)cth larger and more numerous than elsewhere ; and hence, whea
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property in Henry Street was purchased. To thi$pai|
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quest to you to be present and read a paper at this meeting. The
head and neck of the femur receive practically no nourishment by
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3 cakes made of bran, butter, and milk, weighing half a pound ; 3 eggs ; 4 oz. steak
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These predisposing causes may be arranged under the following heads,
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tend to dwarf the intellect and usefulness of many good men.
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trade unionism for itself was not, so far as we know, conspicu-
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known. In each condition, there is a leak, so to speak, which affects the
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right side of the heart. The products of digestion carried by
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Condiments for food, fruits, and other things of the kind, or as nervines
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and exudation. This lack of fever (italics mine) I can only
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and pulseless collapse. Dry cups to the spine, in one severe case,