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Tlw duration is a Um months to one year. The duration i» usually a fen weeks.

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the 15th of October, it was voted to postpone the next course of lec-

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a perfect cure. It is an interesting fact that among those

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it was only twelve years ago, or in 1899, when Albrecht published

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a specific for those cases where mixed infection is absent. Con-

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the medical officers of the Bureau Central. However, from a late in-

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from a similar discharge from drinking the alkaline waters,

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tion it is attiong the evils in the physical and intellectual

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permeates the w^hole working of this scheme of physical education.

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Great stress has properly been laid upon the evidences of chronic high

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Larrev, who was so long Surgeon in Chief of the Imperial

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G. : Fundamental Bases of Nutrition, New Haven, 1914; Barker, L. F. :

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On Tuesday last, a carbuncle, of the size of half a

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menced with the ealomel, as I have before remarked, on the 2d day of

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the descendants of cells, but may, like Topsy, be said to have simply "growed."

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loss of blood). The simplest form of acute anemia results

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The treatment was directed to the functional disease

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temperature, such an effect is mucli more apt to follow than in a cold dry

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hojjital de La Roche-sur- Yon. She at once proceeded to the

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about tobacco ; its salutary and injurious effects are strenuously con*

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Hence, reduplication and splitting of the first tone produces an anapestic rhythm,

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fidence, he will avail himself of every means to increase its usefulness.

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certain chronic cutaneous diseases; particularly lepra, psoriasis, and veneral

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the hospital. Though suffering a good deal of pain, her mind was improving, and hopes were

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(1) Section through epidermal ridge and " brain " : One portion

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this point, evacuating about one ounce of foul-smelling

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It is true, the itching is often absent in the highest grades of icterus,