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four quarts of water, or i quart of raw Linseed Oil, or, if the

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To Schultze's theory of the facilitation of the latter part of

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The first vaccination with lymph from Vannes took place on May 21st ; the

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distinctness .of speech, due to muscular paralysis, are usually present at Grrt.

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' 'Stomatitis. ' ' Severe cases might require the services of a veterin-

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toms of encephalitis, or acute inflammation of the brain

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occurs along with cirrhosis of the liver, and occasionally in

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Florida was elected Vice-President. Of special interest to the MASA, Dr. S. Richardson Hill, Jr., Vice President of Health j

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urine that he passed just before his death was enormous.

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there is generally more or less atrophy of the muscles of the hand,

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Excesses in eating, often of badly prepared or decomposing food, following periods

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Likewise in infantile beriberi an extract of rice polishing may be given the

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tropia is constantly changing, and thus retesting is re-

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sidering the very large employment of these prepjarations with

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a little over 40 feet below the sui'face of the earth, and the wells vary

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he believes that the patient can be more thoroughly cleansed, and with-

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exclusively confined to the tip of the segment or last division of the limb.

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Abel, Bernheim, Graupner, Hess, Sobel and Herrman). Grau[)-

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are generally recognized as distinct ganglia, having separate and distinct functions, which are

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which they received was no greater than that of the

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pyemia. This is undoubtedly true of those in which there is sup-

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medical difficulties and complicated questions. It consists essentially in the

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vated from two cases a yeast ; Breda isolated from several cases

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tion depends upon a staining of the cartilages and fibrous tissues. This character-

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shapeless, and resisting. Osteoporosis of the maxillae causes the painless

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cow's milk, and best at once, when the milk is put aside for the infant's

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by inunction, an ointment containing it being rubbed into the axilhi, groins,

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drinking water; and, finally, it is only slightly elevated

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sipelas than in phlegmon. This last is a curious fact, and seems

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