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Beyond obvious pain, the local effects are engorgement of the

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short, sharp bend at the end of a small probe, insert the probe

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results than delayed treatment^ and many more patients are doubtless now

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escaped. The right nasal cavity contained foul pus, and its lateral wall

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The salt solution is heated to 100° F., and then placed

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Council, on the recommendation of the Committee, di-

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with which they are invested.* Nor should we pass over, without notice,

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one eye at a time. Treatment consists of mydriatics, anti-

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quite profuse sialorrhoea, and increased intestinal secre-

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words, ' I began it a young woman — I finished it an old

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general nature and classification of micro-organisms, the

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expect, in this condition of things, that the passing breath, and

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fatal six weeks after the evulsion of the antrum contents.

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hours, and renders it harmless to the organisms. It does not

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the operation. Mr. VVillett has already resected the

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reports upon the influence of venesection upon the heart

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onic defect, that asserts itself after birth by the growth of the lym-

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this organ. Both conditions may be due to a common cause or the one

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jected upon the cortex ; conversely, the sensory impres-

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Having had considerable experience during the last three months in

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pelled to make for the civilization of this great l^ation of ours. For,

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of Hypodermatic Medication. Anatomical Discoveries. General Con-