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constitute a board the duty of which shall be to examine

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the Detroit Neurological Club. In the discussion of the

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observations must, in a manner, be regarded as pre-

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fifty per cent, of all cases, including tonsils of all

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The ability to introduce large quantities of gases,

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Price, George M., and Pcdersen, Victor Co.v. — Hygiene

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times we were surprised to find a large cavity just

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fail to recover the full function of the bladder with-

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vember 20th, bringing the total number of cases reported

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home if the distance to a hospital is too great for

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fiir Nervenheilkunde und Psychologie, 1903, p. 561.

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7. Statistical Analysis of over Sixty-eight Thousand

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mercury and the iodides against which the stomach re-

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a National Department for the protection of the present