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48 hours in one experiment and 24 hours in two experiments. At the

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Myer, Max W., M.D., St. Louis, a graduate of Marion-

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* A summary of a paper published in The Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulle-

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They probably consist mostly of such trade as may occur near the

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the most advanced cases the scab extends from the lips up over the

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absolutely negative. The lesions present in the second animal, how-

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showed numerous comparatively fresh scars of the kind received by

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In general^ Heiberg's observations have been confirmed by Weichsel-

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masses, exposed through the wall of the trachea, present, that they did not

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uncontaminated B. typhosus. The peritoneum of the ileum just above the

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the flow was 15 c. c. and contained only traces of the dye.

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The extracts which follow have been made from the writings of

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years. Bring your professional liability questions and problems to Booth 18. Our

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Entered as Second-Class Matter, February 18, 1925, at the Post Office at Fulton, Mo., under the Act of March 3, 1879. Accept-

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15. Also I was told that bruised and rejected hams were nevertheless sold and put on

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enced industrial relations official will deny. Morale

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the incidence of the disease, in a given community, is high and the

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both from diagnostic and treatment standpoints with emphasis on treatment.

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“The primary purpose for a lumbar puncture should

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summer. Ifau ft Sons, JeffersonyiUe, Ind., and the Globe Soap Company, Cincinnati,

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Regulation 14, in which any lesion of disease or other condition Is found that would

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Fig. 11. — One of the foci of necrosis of Figure 10.

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Pieces of meat on the floor about the workmen's feet. The water-closet for females on

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the proximate principles of fiio i i pap' (i.VJ', mus.-ular ,ii-tivity c.niscs

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prejudice among the people against meat products as a whole and

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ness, disorientation, acidosis and abdominal disten-

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mas vacation was only a few days away, she was sent

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staining with carbol-fuchsin and decolorizing with 20 per cent sulphuric acid.

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diseases for which animals were condemned, fiscal year 1905-6 16

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