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General arteriosclerosis 1 Cardiac hypertrophy 9 with com-

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That the father may infect his offspring (the mother having never

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2 See Vanderkindere's and Houze"s papers on Belgian Anthropology.

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He was given eight doses of salvarsan and five intraspinal treatments with

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heart disease, varicose veins, cardiac weakness, or renal disease.

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9 pounds rice ; 6 pounds lard ; 4 cans oatmeal ; 3.25 pounds bacon ; beans ;

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tently than when the systolic pressure alone was examined.

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than inheritance in the more strict sense of the word. The two parents

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also in three others of typical hemophilia. The bleeding time from an

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verse section of the brain just anterior to the mammillary bodies; methyl blue

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distribution within the lesion. In the usual lesion they are found

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fibrils appear contracted and the cell smaller. The cells of the posterior horns

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Supper : Bread and a glass of milk ; practically nothing else. Mrs. W. works

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Dinner: String beans, or other vegetables, with biscuits or cornbread. In

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1. The usual change found in cases of myxcedema is a fibrosis

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therapeutic measures, operative treatment of varix is called for.

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