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tion determines a great variet}' of anatomical change and of

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reliance is to be placed on the employment of measures to promote ab-

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evening of the sixth day after the operation he sent for me on


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consist of bright redness of the eye, the turgid vessels

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cation : I. Cases due to pressure. 2. Cases associated

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which the sympathetic system plays in the regulation of the nutritive pro-

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says that very pretty pictures may be obtained by contrast-staining for a half-

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to the base of the brain, and down the spinal cord. If the patient

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sence of pathological conditions which interfere with the

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written to the committee through its Secretary for accounts of its pro-

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seen occasionally after severe local injuries, and due en-

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"Gunshot wounds," he says, "have been written about ever since gunpowder

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around comfortably. After this time we lost track of the case

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would ask you to remember that increased opportunity brings with it

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case with a count of 72,000, and Felsenthal mentions one associated

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libraries ami Lichives. have furnished Mr Crattan with

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nurse gave way to a permanent one, and as a thick greenish

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diuresis. 24 ANP levels, determined by laboratory testing,

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The recurrence is very much more likely when the sub-

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with on the lower extremities, often in the neighborhood of the

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knochen durch iudirekte Gewalt (die Ursache der soge-

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30th, when half awake, she turned suddenly in bed, when

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knowledge of inflammations and the treatment of them, until the failure of

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appear to be in preponderant numbers in lymphatic vessels. Here

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panting, irregular, and of the Cheyne-Stokes type, and auscultation is

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should be mentioned here. We know, as a matter of fact, that the

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the field of the microscope, without stopping any where. The

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bone. In the course ofthe operation the bullet was felt and removed,

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sponding to the five points in the spectrum, which they distinguish