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intense sufiering from pain, as inflammation of the eye, ear, &c.

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Edinburgh, and took the degree of Doctor of Medicine at tho

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jar is full. Then add a teacupful of water with a little salt,

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be due to hysteria, neurasthenia, anemia, and reflex irritation.

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both of Omaha, and Dr. Adda O. Wiley, South Omaha, treas-

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witness to depose, from the state of the lungs, that the child was alive at orM

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determined how low in the animal scale disease makes its appearance

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The general failure of the existing methods of treating Spina bifi-

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Barnstable. — Dr. C. M. Hulbert, South Dennis, President;

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For Compound Fracture. The ends of the bones have been forced

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course of the nerves, between the nerve-tubules. This overgrowth leads

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question, discussed the merits of the artist and the Practitioner,

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was deep-seated abscess in the perineum. It is described under the

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making their creed known to the local authorities. This is

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present. The man was dying of hsemorrhage into the ventricles ; and