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sanguinolent character ; a tentative operation to deal
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three of them — Dr. Harmon G. Howe, Dr. G. Pierpont Davis
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(12 extremities) with patellofemoral pain who had severe
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inches. All objects look dim. This dimness is not the effi?ct of lachrymation,
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compared with elevation of temperature, and as the tu-
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A lectilre, with cases, on diabetes. — By Dr. I^raser - - 49
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resented as uncalled for. The writers of the Bulletin are unfair
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the rapidity of all novelties of the kind in England and in
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do justice to it, the whole twenty-foui- pages of the
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have performed this operation twice where the urethra opened further
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and July, and almost without exception these cases were
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by the frequent finding upon autopsy of a more or less
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of the coiiinnctiva prior to cutting operalions of the
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yet infection through air is by far the more frequent ar.d
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parison of the contamination. These included street-cars, elevated cars,
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potassium acetate, 3 ounces glucose in 1 pint of physiologic salt solution. To
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three or four days. All this time, however, the pulse was unaffected. In length
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induce them to join : — Drs. J. ilomans, Shurtlefl", Minot, together with
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called, did not occur to me, although I had shortly be-
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3. Miklozek CL. Kingsley EM, Crumpaker CS, et al: Serial cardiac function
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diaphragm are carried up the phrenic nerve to the cervical cord,
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interesting and important fact, however, which deserves to be mentioned.
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cardium suffers in the same way as the skeletal muscles. Previously
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thus favored, and anterior rotation is more likely to
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In the evening he ate rather too much of some favorite
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the City of New York. AVith Five Hundred and Sixty Illus-