Meclizine Prescribed For Vertigo

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incubation period. Unfortunately, over the years, the

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David C. Urquia, MD, Orthopedic Surgery, 1400 Westwood

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(Fig. 215), and micrococci or spherical bacteria (Fig. 216) ; it is

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the contractility of the vessels and the stimability of such materials.

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them, and bring about their gradual disappearance. This intrasplenic

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healthy ; the mild cutaneous pigmentation of aged persons; chronic malaria;

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7. — Keiller ( W.) On axis I t action forceps. Am. J.

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Re-vaccination folloAved by untoward symptoms, by Dr. H.

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tendency of the broken ends to tilt upwards ; this was overcome by the

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on one side of the face, and at other times .on the other side.

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On April 14th the temperature was 98.3°, the pulse 84.

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meclizine prescribed for vertigo

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branes, and the medulla spinalis. Hence the diseases na-

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exertion of eating has given rise to sweating over the parotid gland

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pathological conditions there are many a 'priori arguments in

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catheter is the diagnostic test. A sacculated bladder may cause a notable

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treated. Acid dyspepsia and that attending gout are frequently accom-

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must be withdrawn, and the operation repeated, if necessary. This measure