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health, and like an avenging Nemesis come to smite him, it may be,

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told the same story, denying criminal procedures. As

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of the affected parts. In other cases perforating ulcer is associated with

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blindness and day-blindness are among the rarer and extraordinary ocular

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The patella may be dislocated anteriorly, posteriorly, or late-

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last week, have continued to increase. A focus seems

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devised by Dr. Gibney, known as the "polyclinic" splint, and

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interest to the profession are invited from all parts of

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themselves concerned, and inasmuch as they recognize

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undetectable range after surgical therapy. Measuring the

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severe case. The temperature was in the neighborhood of 103°,

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period. The time taken for the changes which occur in blood-

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can often be determined by the aid of this method. It does not tell very much

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The following queittiona are now ofibred for the year 1637, viz.

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five years after that I happened to be in a clinic where the surgeon was

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thnnesangst. Neurol. Centrall)!., Leipz., 1899, xviii,

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vaginal injections or douches are improper after abortion or after labor

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items of the fund concerning which questions are raised are

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of the malarial fever, which were of no great severity, interrupted the

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in perfect recovery justified my expectations. It may be argued, how-

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:16 — "Blood Examination as an Aid to Diagnosis," M. Dvorak, La

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patients who are sufficiently intelligent and persevering to carry out

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exercises. This trains the lungs to be less irritable at night

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lesion first destroys the grey nuclei of the upper limbs, prior to attacking the lateral

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together, it would form a large mass the size of a walnut. The broken

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of heart affection in which this treatment is indicated are cardiac dilatation,

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COOOiC C;00CD'^rt*COOI»O00»C»O'rH.— X'»OC*'^0000OsSlOaD

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pressure over certain parts of the column, these parts ditie^ing in different cases

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practicable for each practitioner to attend to every department of medi-

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tasis of previous disease, or its extension, as in rheumatism, erysipelas,

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ease, instead of commencing in the integument of the nose, first at-