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tion of the stomach and thereby an indigestion of a suf-
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I should just like to say a few words about the nature and treat-
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the septic variety a possible source like caries of the temporal bone and,
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ing a practical vindication of the Shakspearian aphorism, that
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which exude from all wounds, however well united these may
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The second session of the Medical Society of the San Joaquin Val-
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condition of tetanus (I'arc de cerde). The position assumed is usually one
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persons of unsound mind to fail to realise that they are unlike themselves
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tude. If, further, it is verified by direct observation that patients in
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of perforations; or they may be due to decomposition of the purulent exudate.
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across an unexpurgated edition of Horace. Naturally, I
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small punctured wound of the eyelid — one case that I have in mind — a small
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The symptoms of tropical anaemia due to the presence of this parasite are
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pulley), and on the following morning the condition
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for we see, first, an increase in the bulbs of the connective-
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lack in equal badness from their failure in equal bigness. T. P.
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so-called carbuncles, red and subsequently necrotic patches
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referred to as probal)ly connected with a tuberculous state. If these were so
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<ew-born children, I have not been able to perceive any well-marked
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In July, (he General was so much better as (o be able to
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and nasopharyngeal examination. The obstruction was mainly osseous,
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whole course of the disease. Antipyretics of the coal-tar
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At Guy's Hospital Mr. Bryant has used carbolic acid in the
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show a large number of cases of carcinoma of the thighs,
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It is our belief that as you review the program for the 1 994 Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons,
cases. The passage of an instrument would be facil-
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of communications from the Secretary of the American First Aid
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The committee also reported, that they had selected Hollidaysburg
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branch of medicine and life. The earlier medical men were masters of all existing knowledge,