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aging certain forms of amenorrhcea by the common treatment,
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electrical irritation of the cortex of the occipital lobe in monkeys gives
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muscle could be made without exciting the reflexes, then it would have
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Epih'i)*!/ should make its jwssessor uninsurable; past cerebral hemorrhage
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ALLOPATHIC TREATMEXT. In the treatment of epidemic, or
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tion. A better knowledge of fetal diagnosis would save the surgeon
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M. Ass., Chicago, 1889, xii, 588. — Murpiiy (J. B.) Tu-
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by the individual against tuberculosis, that is, one attack of
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ness of the distended abdomen at this time (third and
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The changes taking place along the walls of the blood-vessels being the
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findings already described as characteristic after intraperitoneal injections. The
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tains a certain number of red blood cells, and occasionally leukocytes;
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a simple i)rocePS, and one which could be used with-
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with the discharges ; after this the harm of exposure en-
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The details of the tests on four normal dogs are given in Tables 3, 4,
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ing is always in contact with the skin, and thus, in spite of the respiratory move-
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of contracting the disease seems to point strongly to the habit which the
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banished rabies from the Grand Duchy of Baden, Holland, and Sweden.
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with marked symptoms ; of these 2 had pendulous abdo-
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Leipz., 1895, xix, 358-362.— Jchin-Prunie (J.) Trait -
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extremely rare. The reason is that the retention cavity is an aseptic chamber,
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always be considered as one requiring relief He must dis-
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money-making, and reputable physicians will commend his
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fore the injections he suddenly began to gain. It is
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not be forgotten that when the State once officially
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ceret>€llum ; still more rarely in the pons Varolii ; and other parts, viz.,
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to contagious diseases; that the contagion enters the system through
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and unprofitable use, driving him to the inward revelry of the mind —
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a peculiar, vacant look in the eyes. Will sometimes start at