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over of an acarus from ,the skin or clothes of the infector to the skin of
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difficult breathing and trembling of hand; debility and soreness of the
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the obturator foramen, could indistinctly feel rotatory move-
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she also complained of being sick at the stomach (this has been a common
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they usually lead to slow death, or to a hopeless in-
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two inches below the crest of the ilium. In young children an
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sician in chief to the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, etc. Second Edition. New York: D.
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Should the puncture be carried into a cavity of the
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starch, fats and albumen, and aids in making digestion still more
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the President affords a striking instance of the cool nonchalance
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wretched state of the houses of the working population in
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thumb be in the place of the little finger in the second posi-
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' The annual endowment of the hospitals of Rome is over .*25(i,000 ; those in
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Therapeutics. — Locally, powerfully stimulant, rubefacient. In-
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A corn is a localised tylosis occurring in particular situations, where
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Passing over the ruminants, etc., comprising the zebu, iiahura
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the diagnosis of diffuse or focal liver disease. Each can be
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Wafiomi Wagogo! of German East Africa. The other ingredients
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Thus wine without bouillon caused in two hours the secretion of 6 c.c.
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nicated by a contagium generated in the bodies of those affected with it. It
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ball grazed the superior aspect of the left kidney, shown by the
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bbfbb, The four narrow plates which flex and extend the leg and thigh pieces when
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long been held to be an etiological factor of importance.
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I. — "Based upon mode of infection : («,) Traumatic infections; {b,)
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duced by this bacillus, although some doubts have been
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I" tlu- e\ee-iw ,kidit\ whiJi i- pr,.diued ill the milk lube.
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The present No. completes the sixth volume of the new series of the
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every 24 hours, but no albumen was found in the urine.
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much the appearance of a dying man. He was a boatman, constantly exposed
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and not eliminated as it should be by the kidneys, re-
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.plaster has hardened, the two halves which are joined together by the
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ui)on the upper siu-face of a red coagulum, and its
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