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palm it supplies all the muscles of the little finger, the two inner luinbri-
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some poisonous plant being eaten by the cow. Others
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recapitulate the points fairly established, by a due consideration of the
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Surgical Home. In the first part of the paper the author gave an account of
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with 85% alcohol, and dried in vacuo over sulfuric acid. The yield
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was the time to prepare for it, as the resolutions call for.
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lane. The flock were then driven home, and a month afterwards the
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Under such circumstances, the cover-glasses, after being prepared
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with smallest proportion of deaths. Nevertheless I have
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is the presence of a murmur or bruit, occurring either during the
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nally a combination of opium and camphor. Tully's po^y-
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Treatment, If the bowels are costive a tablespoonful of castor
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and close the external wound with a stitch, and he will walk
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CME PIERCE COUNTY— Contact: Mrs Maxine Bailey, Executive Director,
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Left lung. — Upper and anterior portion of u])per lobe
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7.30 p. M. Seems quite nervous ; cannot sleep. . 99^ 100
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Burns. — In different degrees of burns, glycerine is a very convenient and
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duced through the large trephine opening the dura is separated from
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quired an excessive degree of violence, being more particularly
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The Great Labor Saver of the Home— Every home, large or
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of the third day, when he came home to supper, he found a note from
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following facts in an accidental killing : The fifteen
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turned from Oporto, where he has been studying the epi-
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The next reunion will be five years hence. The fol-
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developing or the scabs falling off, and it is believed
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