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IX. Three Cases of Metastatic Irido-Choroiditis of one Eye only : this

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the right. Going to the intercostal spaces, below the first, each

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sometimes quite severe, requiring active medication. It was found that

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Emetics and nauseants are highly recommended by numerous au-

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times parts of the tongue, fauces, &c. come away. Many

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prevents the latter from becoming heated, and contact

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of the urinary coloring- matters. To prevent this latter source of error, 10 cc. of

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inflammation which was shown by the post mortem examina-

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in chronic dyspepsia ; they aver that in consequence of a deficiency of HC1

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of treatment in certain ovarian diseases. He had in mind

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Counly of Hartford, — ^Julius S. Barnes, M.D. George Sumner, M.D.

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icteroid tint. On making a longitudinal section, drops of bile con be collected

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cessful in getting rid of the albumin and casts, especially

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whose height did not exceed 44 inches. .The child was extracted alive

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the vis medicatrix naturce upon which I relied for the

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the contrary, if there be any. The cost of the patent right is never a

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During the past year more than 1,600 patients received treatment at

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lated into German, and from reading which he drew the inspira-

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