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tions, which I will briefly detail. The first was an

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(8) It occasionally occurs in young people without obvious

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is shown in Fig. 1. It consists of two portions, a venous and an

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cases, the attempt appears to be justifiable to secure relief by

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the injudicious exhibition of mercury, or by carrying mercurialization

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from micro-organismal infection of the tumour. This, we find, did

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prognosis (85 per cent, of deaths). The rational treatment of

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three weeks, but sometimes take two or three months. I have also seen quite

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of the street-urchin to the formal and solemn " anathema"

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A'ariola, and vice versa, shows us that variola poison and varioloid pot-

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logical condition ? What is this condition, and how

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George R, Lake, of St. George's Hospital ; R. Mansell Jones anl Horntio

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vices ; and it is interesting to note that nearly all of these

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Some headaches are regularly attended with large limpid flow of

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Postoperatire Pneumonia. — The cases probably do not all belong to the

lisinopril hctz side effects sweating

in the main, in the cessation of the spread of the diphtheritic

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broken by some illness which exerts a marked influence on the constitution.

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striking against a beam, or by a blow on the head in some way.

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for the last 20 or 25 years. I am quite opposed to the ground whidi Dr.

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hump " (see p. 34) , dependent upon an enlargement of the heart, is another

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blains, by saturating a sponge or flannel in the concentrated

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