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from thirty to forty-five grains. — Journal des Practidens, 1894, 2d semestre,

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as a result of which very varied changes may result. The arthritis is prob-

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bund loosely held ; it was in a reversed position, with the back instead of the

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ralgia. Dermalgia. Myalgia. Cephalalgia ....... 781

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(3) The reaction of the pulse to exercise gives a good indica-

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on the baby's bedding, cleanliness, bathing, abstinence from

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of the forearm have also undergone a further and peculiar displacement late-

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cess of thrombosis did not extend along the entire length of the

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ployees are charged with treating the work production with

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tempted, both by the severity of the pain and the patient's most

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ure of the parietal bone. The dura mater was torn and fragments

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jr. Ball cock-valve. No. 449351 ; March 31. 1891.— King

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shapeless, and resisting. Osteoporosis of the maxillae causes the painless

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into the mouth in the preliminary engorgement of the same dis-

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stomach, but which he had no reason to believe was confined

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cholecystitis occurred ; and two cases of severe headache throughout

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a lever, or to push the head of the humerus towards

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secretary, Lewis Gompertz, Esq. The society has the pa-

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stating tliat her daughter had never liad a return of spasm (or any other ej^i-

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many years. He had been under the care of many physi-

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lime, while phosphoric acid and ferric phosphate are each men-

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this practice has been warmly reprobated by those who have

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j)erature normal, sleeping much, appetite poor. Dr. McPherson (who had

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method is the destruction of the bacilli by the cataphoric diffu-

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which iced water failed to arrest, the extirpation of the uterus

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fomentations, hy means of wet llannels, were api)lied to the abdomen.

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bacteria, and the rabbit is carefully autopsied as a guarantee that no

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(From the Pharmacological Laboratory of the Johns Hopkins Medical School)

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For patients with grand mal and psychomotor seizures ,

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