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as in the first case, on account of a small abscess in the lower end of the
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ing. The combined stain must be allowed to act five minutes
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blood becomes bntfy, in a case in which the blood was drnwn
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affection than " spicy isles " or " India's coral strand."
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the lungs become oedematous and partially collapsed, and the breathing
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of CMIC from AIS to CMMI. 6 Their report, dated 21 July, with a preliminary report in June,
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stages. Erythema chronicum migrans, the characteris-
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power of aspiration. As regards the composition of the inhalation, any
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in all probability certain of its amino-acids are made use of to
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seven thousand handgun murders a year, whereas in the combined
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tion profuse, no alarm need be felt. There is also in some
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The day's festivities concluded with a shuffle hoedown dance
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Most commonly the zone is confined to the trunk of the body ;
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brushes or straw. Give thin linseed gruel in place of water for
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being allowed to enter there besides the surgeon, apothe-
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tous eruptions from time to time, anomalous pains in
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scale, namely, 1 mm. to each transverse section of 6 /i in thickness, and
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After the first two or three weeks there are several important points:
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in two weeks. Two years later he acquired another acute gonorrhea, which left a scanty
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of fatigue, the mere implanting of the feet upon the ground,
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In well directed physical exercise we have a means of occupation and
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matory exacerbations may occur, but they are less frequent than with
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tween the connective tissue cells. When the bacteria
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Autopsy. — Showed slight engorgement of the lungs ;
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The requirements of the body for increased protein and energy
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San Salvador, Salvador— Diarrhea and enteritis 16.7
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Paralysis Of convergence is characterized by the abolition of the three
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scribed after the use of this drug. The pain after the