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for the runabout child. . She must look ^l""' .^^r at times the only mental impres-
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dependence. Dr. Morrison’s editorial introduces the featured topic,
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centre, and also on the nerve-endings of the phrenics, so that tlie
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(1912) by a somewhat complicated method and by extracting
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to jettison — ^if I may be permitted to use such a nautical
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already dwelt upon, and we have shown the amount of weight
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smooth surface exteriorly, and containing within a cavity lined with
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history of this case was the usual history of all these
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beneath the periosteum. In the chronic form there is
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mention other drugs in the treatment of malaria, such as cuprem,
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above par as possible. If mucus patches appear cauterize
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tympanites." The opinions of a Iar^re number of medicid men
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service, and trying to be professional and reputable.
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beat is well marked but widely diffused, strongest between the
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is given in the laboratory, and how far it has been over-stated. In so doing
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We will quote from a few of the writers who have treated of the
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II. Mrs. G., set. 34; 6th labor. This patient came under my care in April, when
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was scanty and heavily albuminous, while casts were plentiful; blood was
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many of those that were turned out on the marshes to
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mammary tumor, and its removal with the knife advised. Dr.
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the embolism is seated. It is chiefly or exclusively motor. Owing to the
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few are named here who became well known in the region. In 1900 Dr. Isabella
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chemical findings in these two cases were almost identical. It is impossi-
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W. Martin, of this city, writes : " In The Medical Rec-
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faces are further liable to be covered by masses of blood clot in
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multiplication of the centres of epidermization, has the same characters as the