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good shoes. The fecal material, collected in a pail or tub, should preferably be

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attributed to some calcareous ingredients in the water, by the

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in the process, and of the inhabitants of its thickly-peopled

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oiisly has — to engage in a species of warfare to which he is far less ade-

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function of the part. The diminution may also be due

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men in general, more in the region of the umbilicus.

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remarked that many physicians were getting out of the

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attendants or family. The operation was performed by Dr.

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antiseptic measures, the delicate structures in the tympanum are

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characteristic signs of extravasation and increased pressure on the brain ;

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Although the amount may be reduced to half the normal quantity or even

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need not expect. But we have taken some pains to inquire

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history of constitutional disturbances of peritonitis, giving us the dis-

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not specified ; an increase of 806 from the year before. Excess of

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Colon. — Descending portion contracted, so that the great-

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inches short of the average for the first seven months of the year.

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cautions be taken : if water-closets are used, they

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and toxic agents ; and he maintains that his experiments indicate

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All these points seem to me sufficiently weighty to deter us from

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Cholera in India. — Cholera has been so bad in the

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teria, such as streptococci and stapylococci, may be found in

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infants and in those under two years," and inasmuch as " caries of the

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and posterior wall of the vagina. It acts just as a pair

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guiltily in stolen hours from academics — disadvan-

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one would suppose that no man would resume a treatment which had so nearly

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are rare, as Dr. Dana says). The patient had double

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From the surgical standpoint, to be successful, operate as soon

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In obstinate cases the scrotum, as contrasted with the vulva, will

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beyond which rapid dilatation occurs from paralysis of the pupil-contracting

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night, So constant are the disquiet and torment of the patients, wbo

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ordinary fountain syringe with a capacity of one gallon, and