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and the scarlatinal poison, or the producer of tetanus ; whether
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presented by the Prince of Wales on his visit to this
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A fine little girl, a?t. 6 years, had been for some weeks liable to at-
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who come under treatment early, and are not profoundly exhausted, may
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form, and effervesce readily when mixed with water. They
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spinal fluid which plays the most important role in traumatic intracranial
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In 90% of cases the little toe is the one affected, more rarely the
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the existence of adenoids is another. Then the parent
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and loved. Madam Oliphant was herself knocked out the intruder by a flirt of a
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the forearm is attempted ; or if a hand is placed on the thigh as the
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Charles Hochalt reports the following case in the Orvosi
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air with active force in alternate movements in which the air
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tant. On the first injection the patients show a pronounced
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currents of galleries in metalliferous mines ; that
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Dr. Murphy's part, of a modern improvement — we mean Dr.
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bined with digitalis to advantage. The prescription of digitalis
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was quite as large as it would have been at full term of preg-
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produced, from 55 hours to 50, 80, 110, and 160 days.
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lished, are seized with contagious typhus. < was apparent, and ulceration of the colic
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ference, where there has been continual spotting, foul
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while, owing to the increasing unsteadiness of the hand, the sentence
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parents, and I never found one who knew anything useful
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The exact intraspinal course of the various forms of sen-
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only on approval of the Board, with ratification by
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made later in his paper, that this hypothesis does not completely satisfy
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large number of confinements each year, and that during the whole of
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M. N. : Indolent Staphylococcus albus or aureus bac-
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In the XIII century it was superseded by the prestige of the medical faculties at the universities
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at Nashville, in November last, the following officers were elected for the ensuing