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the full number of injections. It is astonishing how
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Hospital as to the desirability of maintaining the insti-
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in the majority of cases occurs in men over 50 years of age. Transient
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of the malady therein expounded indicated that ice applied
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dlesex Hospital sufiering from advanced symptoms of lead-poisoning — viz.,
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affections of the skin — as eczema in some of its forms, acne, furuncle,
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ample. In the female, it is stated the mammary gland and the labia
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two of which, |3 and y, are always well marked. There ig also a faint
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least capacity. My calls on them, however, are more frequent
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probable, though its effects in this direction may not be so great as in
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fever, in which the total leukoc;\i;e count is practically normal and
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joint below the lesser trochanter. During the fall and winter the patient had two attacks
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high temperature. It is injected by means of a ster-
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Aniesthesiaof the retina, associated with hysterical pare-is
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the t)utflo\v of art(M'ial bhtod from, and the inflow of venous blood to, the
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the periosteum, amputation is preferable to resection. Since the introduction of
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philosophically true, as the white light rays itself out into the
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junior class held its meetings. Beyond is the museum, where still
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Porto Rico, that leprosy is not spreading in the colony, and that
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have had an influence in suppressing the hyperplasia. Except for
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Sequels. — Acute nephrUia frequently occurs, and is as severe as that
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tients visiting these institutions are not so apt to use their
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surface, which appears as if glazed, and is tense and unyield-
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before cultivation did not give satisfactory results even in those cases in
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Symptoms. — It is obvious that the conditions here described may
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performed this desperate operation, which taxes in our day
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only as a case of obstinate constipation with marked
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virulence and number of the organisms, and upon the resistance of the
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the stomach, cause colic-like pains, although the stones originally causing
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generally favorable tort law in Connecticut, made it possible for Aetna and the CSMS to
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of degeneration is present, cannot be materially shortened in its course by
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It was for long discussed whether the influence of the nervous sys-
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There are two plans for the eradication of the spiril-
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The President: We will have to pass that over for the
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ported, to spread its infection in any country, are con-