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We believe that this condition is identical with the one first described
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evidence of blood vessel invasion. Not infrequently
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conducted campaigns for the eradication of infected
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llinracic ic'.'inii, 1,\ the cells of the lateral horn «{ ^.rpay matt •■; in the
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ently, 10,000 horses and 13,000 mules must be raised or brought into
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circulatory failure occasionally are seen in severe
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that a rabid dog has passed through the neighborhood. When injuries
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receptacles occupies not more than a minute or two, and it is assumed
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for the suppression of other infectious diseases. The failure to
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artificial cultivation, it will be noticed that they are at the same time
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tween these two varieties occur frequently in the animal world.
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These studies make it appear that the alkalosis is primary, and that the
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!„.cur together, a.-t sinn.ltane.msly. with the n-sult that a typical convul-
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number and value on farms and ranges, January 1, 1907 310
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Wholesale prices per pound of stated grades of fresh meats at Chicago, New
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stand spoken laiiL'iiai-'e, Wordhlindness may therefore occur as a pure
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give a positive complement fixation test for endemic
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'""''■'■ "'■ '"•'-■'li'CMtiy tw., so,i,<...s tVoiM u],i.-|i tl,.. ,.,„lo._n.n.,.is i.inin.
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This began three months ago with morning nausea. At that time the
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The right side of the sphenoidal sinus is filled with a thick pus, which
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for the rabbits to develop the disease, which requires from two to
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artery at widely separated intervals. These points of entrance are
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This activity was observed in a large percentage of a series of cultures
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way in which renovated butter shall be sold upon the open market,
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Labeling and painting room. — Very clean room, in a very good condition. Light good.
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heatintj iron into the uterus and maintains for a considerable time a
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The water-closets for the workmen consisted of one rail-seat closet on each floor, one