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cultivation above its natural characteristics, these last may enter into its con-
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trial masks, full face shields, double shoe covers,
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tion was executed with the sole view to save the patient's life
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abnormal. Yet five out of the seven cases died with signs
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practitioners. The diet should be the usual mixed one. In seeking
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could be shown to greater advantage. The people of this state are
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Controlled and uncontrolled domestic studies suggest
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Dr. Mason : At the request of Dr. Northrup I have asked Dr. Henry
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It is this active potver of the muscles, particularly that of
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involved that we may be certain this will be decided on
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(total chlorin (a) and chlorin of the chlorids (6)) by subtraction. From the amount
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to be one of dropsy. Ho was struck at once with the unusual appearane
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condition, or if her surroundings be unwholesome, then
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4. If such patients have rheumatic or gout}' S3m[iptoms,
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and also by the tendril-like tail. In some sections, especially
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aud to the right side was a white well-elevated wheal,
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place at the hour of nine o'clock A. M. for the purpose of elect-
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find it practicable to establish similar standards of admission to that es-
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which was occasionally severe ; from vomiting and constipation ; from impair-
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mended, especially for eczema: Terra alba, five parts; ol. lini,
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front of the thigh, just above the knee, which, on ex-
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fore, fit for medical and surgical uses is Price's, Avhich is made by
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pathologic process is that of an endarteritis, which does
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to consult physician before increasing dose or abruptly discontinuing this drug.
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Lectures on Surgical Anatomy. By John Cheine. Edinburgh :
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of their cases ; and Drs. Frattina and Borsini, each 2 out of 3, ^. e., 41 out
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off and on for over five years ; is out of breath very easily on