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muscles is required, or in frightened or excited pa-
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and transferred under the raised or cradled bed-clothes by means of a tin funnel
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failed, and the use of adrenalin has led to no practical results. He has
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surface. The rest of the brain was healthy to the naked eye.
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ring, and secondly by the transfusion. These operations
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On inspecting the body, there were no external marks of violence. There
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as that of his graduation : he was in his 23d year. In the loss of these
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Leipz., 1895, xix, 358-362.— Jchin-Prunie (J.) Trait -
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resection of parts of four ribs which would permit the re-
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"Two striking figures at these meetings were Cavendish
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Quotidian, 370,401 cases, 388 deaths — equivalent to 1047 -f deaths per
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The name varicella, which is a diminutive of variola, meaning little small-
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in private practice occurs in the following ways, arranged in the
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COCO • Cq CO Cq "^ "^ tH CO CSl t* lO "^ CO H U5 C? '^t' »T»< «D CO 00
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fluctuating mass as large as a lemon ; on the right there
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tissues (moyen d'6pargne). 5. Caffeine, therefore, has
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rainures de la surface cartilagineusc de I'extr6mit6 inf6ri-
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ence of so many obsolete tubercular lesions found at autopsies.
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tation ot the pufjils. Every effort was at once directed
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lation for the purposes of speech, an immense field of observa-
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cases, and its causation, certain points pertaining to the function of defe-
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— not to say unskillful — applications of trac-
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A treatise on drugs of vegetable and animal origin, their physical char^icter, geograpl»lc»l
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ber, he had one or two singular attacks of catarrhal
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in a child of five years suffering from scarlatiniform nei)hritis where
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The superior mediastinum is bounded below by a plane drawn from tin-
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cles of both legs were weak, and the knee jerks were
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Lincoln, will, upon the arrival at that post of Contract Surgeon
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addition, so as to prevent persons who have just recovered from infectious
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schen. Aus dem Lateinischen iibersetzt. 4 p. L, xii -j- 203 pp., 1 pi., 1 1. 8°.
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patient may complain of slight feelings, of numbness, or of formication, but
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2. Some Fallacies in the Modern Treatment of Nose and
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