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E. K., aged forty-one, married twelve years ; has had two children, no mis-

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of the magistrates would be overruled by an apj)lication to the

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to judge of the higher qualifications required in the

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the ascending frontal and parietal convolutions, and the parts

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myself with some other physician, in whose industry, learning and

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Major on her Majesty's Madras Establishment. London.

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diagnostic means (p. 115). Under the head of treatment of chronic peri-

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" lesser lights." But thus it is that some school-hours are made

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processes connected with the formation of crystals, it exhibits

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and operation was undertaken 70 hours afier the onset of

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regarding it, as to lay the profession and the public under very

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histological characters which render it diflBcult to place

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and our charwomen to a week of hard washing, when, w ith no

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of view it is certainly nonspecific, since frequently the organisms of

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to the uvula and the posterior walls of the pharynx. As the disease

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towards the left margin. On section, they were seen

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Hg have been observed in healthy patients over 65 years.

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the mixture in cacao butter in sinuses and cavities without seeing any

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The temperature may be slightly raised from 1 to 2 F. by

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that include only a portion of the year. The assumption is made that if

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of relaxation backward and forward. At the sacro-iliac it

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striction of the pupils. Patients who are older at times suffer from delirium.

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food only. He is now — a short time since his recoverv — able

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meeting of the Society was held at Somerville, April 25. Dr.

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be. Many actions for the recovery of disputed policies have shown most

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A case recorded by "Mr. Gregory Forbes, Path. Soc. Vol. xiii., p. 7, shews

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Burroughs Wellcome & Co., Inc. 1054, 1130, 1131

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process, which tends to cure it : and that is by the

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ing, or be made the object of surgical interference. This is carried out

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The salt solution is heated to 100° F., and then placed

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in the differential diagnosis will be found under Uremia {vide p. 942).