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fourth layer. It is important that the student should learn
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some time, moulds of the cavities can be drawn out.
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buminous ; vomiting of yellowish-white matter at inter-
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William and presented him with some relics brought from
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Out of 343 inhabitants of Thorshavn up to twenty years, 193 were
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Illustrating response to milk test- meal, one pint.
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come on the anterior third. At first only an indurated spot is notioed;
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everything appears to him to be turning round, he staggers, and
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tissues, between the hand and the band, one-quarter grain
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be cited, from which it would appear that consanguin-
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entitled to representation, and will undoubtedly be there
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Philosophical Society [Memoirs, v. 144], 1981. 736 pp., 1 fig. $15.00.
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attach much importance to alcoholic stimnlonts employed n-ith properdin-
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The results obtained from this experiment were, that the Calabar
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never large in these cases. The largest tumour of this sort would not
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tion of the stomach, etc., are more important than during recovery from
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Cultures from a certain proportion of cases of both forms remain
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and operation was undertaken 70 hours afier the onset of
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strength, incoherent talk, unconsciousness, inability to swal-
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be reason to suspect that condition the treatment prescribed should be
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ache and discomfort about the stomach. May 28 she again came to my
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rhage. ^This is most usually the consequence of erosion of an unoblit-
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