Glyburide Glipizide Same Meaning

tion. No person who is not positive as to vaccinal protection
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En>eclally Prepared Articles on Medicine, Neurology, Surgery, Ther-
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ical News, October 27, 1900), which is very Important and shows •
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the use of normal saline enemas to aid in making the bowels
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more trustworthy than the microscopic in such cases.
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excision of the rectum for malignant disease, and should only
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to be paid by the occupant of the fellowship, who shall devote
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42. Scbnetter's Placenta Forceps. — This instrument,
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while in other cases it could not be felt. Numerous
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ants. The effective disinfection of native houses seems impos-
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over the spines of the fourth, fifth and sixth cervicals, hemor-
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recrudescence has been higher by about 60 per cent, than any
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air is increased to the extent of rendering the air-sacs
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ject. Over 10,000 observations as to the time of first men-
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ment thus recognizing the claims of women physicians, the
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chemistry, physics, meteorology, pathology, sociology,
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president of the Musical Fund Society for thirty-one years,
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youngest patient was 9 months old; the majority occurred in
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though no external agents could have irritated them. He
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dicate that peritonitis is more than a local one and that fluids
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by the gonococcus, the infection extended into the tub^,
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in another, and of slight medullary hemorrhages that
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of this disease so far reported in man, and they were
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It would seem the most rational course in these cases
glyburide glipizide same meaning
week. Dr. John R. Ash. Brighton, was elected president; Dr.
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Dr. John Cavafy. — Dr. John Cavafy, consulting physician
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impossible or contraindicated. In cases of uretero-
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these conditions should be relieved, as all excitement
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ences to Standard Works In which the Correct Replies will be