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The indication, therefore, in the ordinary case is to

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I ever recommended removal of the clitoris for self-abuse.

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stroke causing eye diseases. Med. Rec. N. Y., 1899, Iv,

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but lightly by drugs, and dwelling on the value of diet, exercise, simple adjuvants

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slip is replaced by a vulcanite splint carefully moulded to the bone.

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injuries, vomiting, ingestion of corrosive substances, increased blood-pressure,

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ditions in which the total nutritive demands are more nearly satisfied is

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suffered at times from epidemic disease. A few deaths from

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Roth (K.) The treatment of flat-foot. Med. Rec, N.T.,

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actual existence and compliance with the first regulation

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renal functional efficiency is demonstrable about the time of toxicity.

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from fermented, instead of well-digested food ; — and

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the muscular fibres of the efferent blood-vessels, or to a textural change

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1873, the Council will endeavour to obtain a legislative enact-

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Callender, Alonzo B. Palmer, J. Lewis Smith, E. Will-

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