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teeH dollars. In both cases the diploma is issued by the Presi-
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tain certificates of (pialiticntion to practise medicine,
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wise it was unjustifiable, and could not be justified by particular
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service, until it is magnified into gigantic proportions, and endowed with won-
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2 L. Brocq : Journ. de Med. et de Chirurg. Prat., xc. 49, 1920.
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ing the cavity, draining it, and partially closing the
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ice; nutritious injections continued; he finds great difiiculty in
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by one half, as formerly, and is not aggravated by fatigue, as it used to
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"4. Most, but by no means all, of the patients with subarachnoid reaction
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followed by an increafed adtion of the larger veirels, and to ter-
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lie in the gallbladder itself, and is undoubtedly brought
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of forty cases so treated an inijirovement was noticed in tw^enty
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facts and observations on which it is based are critically
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(b) Intestinal Type. It is not as generally recognized as it
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had clung to the case. The patient made a prompt and unevent-
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New Cumnock many a memory of old friendships, and will be
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very unreliable and unscientific physician. It is quite customary
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finds there a ready soil for growth. To prepare for the reception, perhaps,
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the pupils widely dilated, and the head rolling rhyth-
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mally propagated in Havana, probably to the exclusion
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little fellow concealed somewhere about the arrange-
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Fleischer, Rosenbach, Runeberg, Regnier and Comby, Swajser and
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ated as to exclude the possibility of contaminating
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Rickets is said to be much more prevalent in moist climates than in dry
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numbers in the vessels of the inflamed part in close contact with
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of slight headache, but after vomiting seems to feel better. Five or six
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pigmentary acholia, with discoloration of the fecal matters not due to the
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M. Wadsworth, of Hoytville; C. M. Showman and A. G. Henry, North
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any fatal results being noticed. Still, the occasional danger connected with
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a single one of acute trichina poisoning, have been observed in southern
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claims that this physician was "of no use." An eminent
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