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found he could not live without it. In another case related by Obersteiner,
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the air pump cannot altogether supersede the water douche ; since, to
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ston as President, and Dr. E. L. Partridge as Medical
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sert the nozzle into the meatus, but do not occlude it, so as to allow
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By introducing a small portion of fungous grass into a
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litis, a coincidence that has been observed by others.
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result of this war we all will need to participate in
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ness, we may still treat the secondary diseases of the lungs by
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bacteriological examination was concerned, although
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tions ; still he in general agreed with Dr. Menzies, that many cases would still
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At 5 p. M., five hours after operation, temperature was
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ogy at the Colombia University (College of Physicians and Surgeons),
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itself. Nevertheless, it is stated by Paulesco that if the same amount of
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Burckhardt's procedure seems destined to have a great future
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locator system having two elements : first, a locator card
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doing of what has now become established practice. The sur-
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Now, this sort of thing should have an ending. If physi-
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was amputated some time ago for tuberculosis of the ankle-joint, and
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The structure of the fang, a subject of intense interest to the stu-
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When the obstruction results from impacted faeces, the question
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for it cannot be technically asserted that pregnancy is con-
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" Oh, this hideous fog ! Let me grumble for I have had
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of gastric origin and is profuse enough to appear as
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We shall permit ourselves to say, however, that, if
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two or three hours, with milk or beef-tea, and a grain of opium
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Medical service members of our staff will be in attend-
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But the emergencywe had to contend with was haemorrhage—
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'' The only reference to this subject which he makes is contained in the following
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