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god of Death. Cestan pronounces this god merely infantile. Many of

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ment is necessary. In suppurative nephritis and pyelonephritis with the

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fication sometimes occurs in the sclerotic connective tissue. The caseation

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may occur, but in many cases the arthritis seems to be dependent on local

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in the severe goitre districts of Europe, rare in many milder areas, like those

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cause the hlood to How more rapidly into the heart, so that the arlori;

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. . . It is not known in what part of the body (ystin is formed, but the

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luiM'ii 1.(140 mill l.Oti.'). It is soiiicwliJit less .iftcr f;itiiiy; ;iiiil inciciis.'s

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of the mereury, hut none of the hlood, to run out of /.' an<l V. A vaeuum

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been examined some short time before and pronounced normal, or that he

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iicL'ati\c I'dlldjil isiiicc uiiliki' clfctiji- cliarui's attrai-t cai'li ntlicr), ami

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was wanting. "Poisoning with oxalic acid (Kobert, Kusner, and New-

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h\ liltriitioii, but iiiiiv !)»■ iicciiiintcil for by ii pliysicoclicniifal |iiiiccss -

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which may have been misquoted by the patient. On the other hand, the

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For practical purposes it is liest to make the necessary analysis on .i

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vermicular contractions have only been obtained in occasional cases by the

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pose urea, but of ammoniacal or offensive odor, with a mucb thicker deposit,

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pr,it,iii. ami unkimun sulistaiii'es lia\iii- ;in inllueii,',' ■

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.•.illcl liijtiiil... TM> liliMlM,' nrs I.. tvM-,ii lli,. ;i|ilil:n -icili) ,,(■ OIK'

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■_'iv(> tliis and tlio other t-liaracteristie reaetioiis of tlio amino jrrotip. That

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dition fa most marked in muscles such as the elevators of the eyelids and

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and vascular. Giant cells are numerous and their arrangement would

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** There b no proof that the adrenals play a part in the defence of the organ-

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l.icanse it eontains excessive nundn'is of i)latelets; and it seems clear

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finasteride benefits and side effects

are destroyed. In others, the capillary tuft may be obscurely outlined as to its

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starvali.m were iriven to a s|;,rvin.j .iniimil. the intake and ontpn' t

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:>. If all elVertive stililllllls is applied to a skeletal lllllseie while ill priier-.^

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considered the connective tissue changes to be primary.

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liy a sharper lieiid in the eiiive. As a matter of I'act, \Vii."_M'is has shown

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llicii;i\ (liliilii.' i<'s|iii;itii)ii ;iir liimi'^lil jilmiil liy iikpv niii'lits cif tlic lilis,

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It is i)articularly in i)rotein of veirctaMc orii:iii that indispensalde unit,

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liters of a u'as ciiiii|ii -. ■ li> llic \i 'iiic nl' niic litci-; in otiici- words,

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one position ail' can lie drawn in from a uas sampler i.'i and in aiiothr

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diagnoses. Stewart, for example, describes a case in which the postmortem