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is "splinted" to the tibia, it must find room for its length by abnormal

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Gilbert Chaddock, M.D. One volume, royal ocUvo, 325

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caln T"'^' -y-^Vtorns, which are best treated by the loca appli!

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neously setting up an evacuation of blood. The same may be

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that it is believed to act scarcely at all upon the ciliary muscle ; its

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contradictory and confusing ; the biological tests recorded

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across, and broil over a clear fire ; turn them frequently, and

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be mistaken for enlargement of the spleen, and may thus, when

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appendix containing no less than one hundred and sixty pages and 15,000

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sessed this power. It might be that the effect of the

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possible words, or lus reader w.n certainly misunderstand them, Generally, also, s don n •

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Also: Cong, internal, d'otol. et de laryngol., Par., 1889,

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was cicatrized. JJuriiig this period Ihe ulcerative process was

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foration or rupture ; simple inaction or paralysis of intes-

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of the nitric acid test in the manner indicated furnishes much valuable

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' sensation style,' and is adapted to that class of readers whose

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often repeated ; as a purgative, \ an ounce to 1^ ounces,

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close to the part injured without striking it; but now it is

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to attain this end, rest for the joint, exemplifies the art.

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Cal., and report to the commanding general,' department of

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service remains for the professors to render him. For four

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ever, is hardly in accordance with our refuse operation. In many such cases I

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designed for Lecture Rooms and public instruction in Schools, Academies and Colleges. Portable

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for a long time, also lost. Besides, the relatives bring upon themselves the u next in-

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.as we can observe it, to j ustif y us in assuming a special condi-

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ject, in order to emphasize the fact that primary malignant

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in which tbe injured eye was lost, and he was censured very much for

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ties. 3^ Because most patients who develop liver abnormali-

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fatality, since 1838. It proved fatal, per ae, evidently as a varie

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3. Compare flow of blood through an artery and vein.

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yet dumb as to the meaning of the phenomena. It was accidentally