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same time ; also for specific ulcers, moistened by bichlo-

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cavity of the peritoneum. The liver was greatly enlarged, weighing,

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the rusty hue of pneumonic sputa. On the 2Tth, auscultation and

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every one considers his the genuine one, that several writers assume that

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The condition upon which this train will run is that

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ciliary processes, and the lens] 4. Lens inclosed in its capsule. 5. Canal of


The family taint passes through them to the children. .Thus,

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that the condyles are farther apart than normal, the rami longer and wider

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tended but 10 C. M. (4 in.), and the spleen was 4 C. M. (ij4 in.) above

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patient, in one on the left side, in two in the median

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of fever. This interval, of two to four days, was sometimes so free

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or of gangrene, may become studded with vesicles, and any number of

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in New York City — which Dr. Holt had so clearly de-

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In the last place I will devote a few words to the subsequent manage-

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that in few other Hospitals will you find the opportunities for

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lie was not the doctor that you see in your cities today, he was far

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veura, heart cure, et id genus omne. By way of illustration I copy a

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flammation was generally partial, and more frequently

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ity. It is, therefore, well to examine this anatomical organ

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of anything wrong with his intestinal track was found. He

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The patient vomited twice during the afternoon. The pain in the abdomen was con-

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mated from the digestion length. This marked dilution also decreases the amount

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experience, are always unfavorable in cases of pal-

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benign anginas which have ended in cure, while the grave, suppurative cases

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