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utmost despatch and Ihjroughness were shown in disinfecting the

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Beziehungen des Sehorgans und seiner Erkrankungen za den ubrigen

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serted in the circular summoning the meeting at which he

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At 1.30 A.M. on October 19th, 1892, I was asked to attend a

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On M-v 4th the fifth and last aspiration was performed, 6

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immediate cause of death, and he said from inquiries of the

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ni fractions of a millimetre, but says that " about fifteen hun-

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filled only the right side, was smooth, and apparently con-

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and in his two hours of freedom infected six persons, three being

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A. H., a young nnmarriert wcnan, wag seat into hospital as a case

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For disinfection of rooms, washing the fioors, walls, and

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a collection of prescriptions which especially illustrates

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En order to avoid delay, It is particularly requested that all letters on the

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creasing quantities over a prolonged period to a person in nitrogenous

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ever that the exhibition of a notice in a shop stating that calls for-

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and healthy colonies, and three years in unhealthy colonies,

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middle meningeal artery and trephining of the mastoid. Next

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he was placed on six months' half -pay. At the time lie apparently fore-

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logical Series). 2. Uterus and appendages, gestation in right

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Sis, — My attention has been called to two letters in the

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posure commenced are positively known, and the sets of cases

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It may be pointed out that the whole object of the Bill would be

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had a number of cases of infanticide, and it would be interest-

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a pamphlet by the late Mr. Rowbotham, of Stockport, An

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in that city, aged 51 ; Dr. Mariotte, physician to the Paris

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Materia Medica, and Pathology has been awarded to Mr. Joseph Edward

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Antipyrin, being not only a powerful analgesic but also an

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Physician to the Out-patients at the Samaritan Hospital for Women

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Naples, which he continued to occupy till his death. So


1. Law.— The Public Health Acts, and the Acts incorporated therewith.

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in the face and head, and salivation. For these symptoms

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Remarks by Mr. Staveley. — I am of opinion that the case

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"'Oh Ea. oh Su, oh Seb, oh Osiris, oh Creator of the gods, oh Nn.

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International Medical Congress to be held in Rome has

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arrested, is a good illustration of how the sanitary de-

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