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health, has been blind in the left eye for over one year,

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feeding is the main thing. If the child is being nursed, the breast feedings

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scientific medical research, has recently donated the sum of

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tenesmus will be increased to a frightful degree, and if the patient does re-

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from intermittent fever. The period of incubation lasts six, eight, or ten


fever. He takes his food well, runs about and plays, and seems

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and the globulin test was negative. The autopsy diagnosis was con-

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interesting chapters are those devoted to constipation, the various

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equal privileges to all reputable registered physicians in every hospital

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with the death of Charles XII. of Sweden arc of some interest. On the night

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nature's laws as they affect any human being would be regarded

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543 Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae in Asymptomatic Family Planning

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water in the proportion of one pound to one gallon.

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l)lood ? " No, not a great deal more tlian I ought to

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stronger ; no sickness or retching for the last six days ; able

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each passenger is guaranteed, in case of death, $5,000 to his heirs ; in

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sacrifice," provides lending services in support of libraries of

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