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ing the general tone of the digestive organs, without exerting injurious

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yearly maintenance, and yet with all this, the demand upon it

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There are five principal causes for which blood may be taken away; i, in an ex-

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1.11^1 , 1 r.ut.- ties L.iii l.ife'- .', &c., 2me Ed., Paris, l»09, p. 209.

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"The reformer's creed frequently contains but a single article of belief, namely,

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2. Iridectomy.— li the incision is not well in view, an

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as the mesoga-ster, as in man and some other forms.

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stone with the lithotrite. The patient suffered excruciating

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and that it will be rarely necessary to inject more than

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uterus. These are of various kinds ; some the result of impreg-

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portance. In the atrophy of adipose-tissue cells, Flemming observed an infil-

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individual items are to be distributed through a thousand

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of disease or dcalli to tlur living population in wiiicli

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meeting of the Paris Academy of Medicine M. Hervieux read the report

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to prevent. Hence the frequent disappointment in its results,

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teria " ; not rarely " neuralgia," " malaria," " rheumatism,"

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the French. Broad River or Saliko. In this earthly paradise, human

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In 1865 Villimen, an able French experimentalist and

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high temperature. It is injected by means of a ster-

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with these details will be thought as necessary to the

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at least (Massachusetts and Rhode Island) such laws have been passed.

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its severity and threatening symptoms those of inles-

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A romarkaMo thing is that, despite this continual, atrocious, un-