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viously upheld by Bayle), namely, that the earliest morbid change is an

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portion of the mesial surface of the right hemisphere.

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There is loss of appetite and frequently difficulty in swallowing,

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The method in detail is ms follows : Radiographs are taken from two

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who, either by pathological, chemical or clinical training, are most

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breadth; head globular, with 8 circles of simple spines; mouth with

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the operation. His general health has not improved, and I

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Proportions — Morpta. Mur., half a grain, ) In One Fluid

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that there are six hundred millions of these air cells in the lungs,

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to venture the opinion that the lymphocytes may be a factor in

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although liquors may be given with milk. Whey is of

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of the alcohol ingested is again eliminated as such, when a small dose is

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an attack of malaria in 1881 he remained healthy until about eight months

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The exciting causes are overwork, and particularly mental

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mortem, vascular lesions, which are the cause of the softening — arterial

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After hot muffins it says, ' Be dull and soulless like a beast of the field — a brain-

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Medical Towers Bldg., Suite 260 Little Rock, Arkansas 72205

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tion of neurons in the frontal lobe can inhibit the pontine

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March '6d. — Swelling of the sere tum undiminished, less red-

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following facts in an accidental killing : The fifteen

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