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The "C. C. S.'s" were generally grouped in the neighborhood of a

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the area corresponding with the cicatrix in the vagina,

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so called, shows how closely the European disease resem-

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ated condition of the blood, in the goutv habit, has subsequently an injurious

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wood Clinic — Marvin Voss, MD; RE Whiteway, MD; Monona Grove Clinic — RW

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Left lung. — Upper and anterior portion of u])per lobe

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rung empfobleneu Geheiinmittel. Repert. d. anal. Chem.,

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neither the House nor the Senate has proposed compre-

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been able to collect 59 cases of paralysis of the oculo-motor nerves in

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ber opened, shortly after which the tray was extracted

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in going to and fro, was very marked in regard to (luietness ; cleansing of

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haMnoi)tysis. The temperature was normal. A plivsi-

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[From THE BIOCHExMICAL JOURNAL, Vol. VIII, No. 4, Aucrsx, 1914] I

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was very restless, walking constantly about the ward, and obeying the calls of

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tute themselves into oracular bodies to fashion the lives and

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amendment does not refer to the point at issue. The point to

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feel confident that they will control the symptoms and induce to

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like the other lads , he has always had large ecchymoses on

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meanings that ought to be attached to them, will at the same time serve

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promptly shut off from drainage. This is the difficulty,

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being only one among the organs and tissues involved in the progress

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of alimentary principles needed for the healthy constitution of the blood, and

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R. R. Kime said that many hemorrhoids can be dissected out entire

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Magnesia. Antacid and laxative. From f to 3 oz. to horses

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the recognized forms of bacteria has attained formidable

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parts of the body which were continually touched by the

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effaced, the general symptoms subside and disappear and finally in