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Secondly, I would notice the miserable condition of

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had had ten, etc. One woman had had eight children, of

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reciprocal arrangement with Great Britain with such an understanding as that, because

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as tending to reduce the system below the point of healthy action, and

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similar change, the superficial layers of the muscle fibres being affected,

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Sbctiok 21. It shall be the duty of every member of the State Board

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on with his visit. I felt quite hurt, but could say, and

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feel tender and mildly painful, and when you rise in the morning

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concerned in the perception and recognition of light,

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which liypinosis was supposed to exist, the imperfect coagulation of the fibrin

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purulent matter from the liver and colon were put in


sent sufficient caution, and this could give rise to

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bral excitement. The eyebrows are corrugated to shield the eyes from

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At all events we consider that, in the present state of science, such

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not exist. It shall especially and systematically en-

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The recognition of the substance presents no great difficulty when

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with after death are similar to those described in hereditary chorea.

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Next in frequency, a hypermetropic astigmatism is accredited

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others have isolated the organism in cases of gonorrheal endocarditis.

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successively higher in each age group from 35-44 years

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of exi)ression in the hour of allliction. Grief wonld seem to

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M.D., F.R.S.E., C.S.I. ; Surgeon, Bengal Army ; Professor of

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and as other cases show the variations from day to day

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nation of toxic substances. Ten cases were analyzed, the composition of the

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to be avoided as pestilence itself, for it is in seasons like this

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Contact: Continuing Education. Pacific Medical Center. PO Box


sanatoria is so great that a sufficient number can-