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fore death ; more frequently it continues more or less severe till death

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Figures seem to prove this in America, but I do not think

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tincture of the chloride, in combination with very small doses of bichloride

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not usually terminated in the suppurative stage. At this time the

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in persons whom one would not be apt to suspect of having the itch,

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the bed without assistance ; at this time, also, painful contractions of

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disease commences as a vesicular eruption, the vesicles are apt to be

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monstrate it to view) may be transferred to other parts of the body, and

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the Infirmary were now compelled to give him accommodation

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matic (hydrorhachis rheumatics). The paralysis then often remains

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sarca afterward disappeared for a while, and set in anew after the es-

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gestion, unnatural drowsiness, and the like, which are often obsti-

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ties of corrosive sublimate should compel us to administer it in such

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the experiment, the case should not undergo any other form

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chronic (Cases 5 and 8), inoculations by themselves are not

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in those blood conditions, in which the poverty or exuberance

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ralgia. Some cases that have been treated without result by the

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temperature of the time of day, especially to protect the person by

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tion of the os uteri are quite frequent. They hinder conception,

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consciousness is so completely extinguished that the patient is not

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IN acute articular rheumatism the synovial capsule of a greater or

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external soft parts of the skull and neighboring cavities, especially in

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tion, and thick, cloudy urine. The most insignificant causes, such as

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women a periodical type .is sometimes approximated to when the seiz-

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In advanced periods of the disease, the electrical contractility of the

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ticles. The poison passes from the privy into the atmosphere of the

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a scarcely-perceptible loss of substance, we are not at all sure that

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state of affairs occurs in typhus, where also the proper symptoms of

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indicates too large a dose. A persistent lowering of the index during treat-

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pityriasis rubra circumscripta, and porrigo asbestina^ depend upon

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In the table are set forth the indices of 44 healthy people.

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violence. In any cases, recovery takes place without further

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Such rudimentary attacks, of course, are not to be called incomplete

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head of irritable weakness, and, in fact, the persons there described

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times be imputable to an intercurrent, or already pre-existing

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streptococcus then the percentage rises to over 'j'j. The

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