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such as mercury perchloride, i in 1,000 ; cyllin, i in 300 ; hydrogen
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that the masses of germinal matter so numerous near the surface of the healthy
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' Demetrius Papagomenos, (a medical writer of Constanti-
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surgery; another will treat ocular diseases; and the third will correct errors
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or cord-like character, and is lodged in the canal of the spinal column. (Anatomy of the
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leads to rupture and extravasation. This is now known as hemorrhagic
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and in many cases occurs only when improper food has been taken.
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a single bad eflfect of antitoxin upon the heart, kidneys or blood,
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by saving she was a cadaverous-looking old woman. On in-
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Chapter VI, " Examination of the Heart," is well up to date, very sug-
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Tooth Ache. — The following is from the "Revue de Therap.
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lation occur. On the whole, the irregularities occasioned by greater
important were the sulphuric acid and nitric acid color-
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ignorant of the constitution of a'. We may object to the induc-
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allow the patient to choose between pigmentation and acne : never is
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the varying qualities of different preparations. He
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62. Appearance of blood once observed in a case of cholera ... 92
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fact that this ambulance was within the ordinance. If the
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the exanthems. Besides, you can directly " contage" a
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blood-vessels — gangrenous, emphysematous — of a greenish-black
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ulcer. But, instead of cicatrizing, the ulcer may penetrate all of the coats of
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once frozen in the rooms will be sufficient for well people or
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some irritating material from the more highly sensi-
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all causes registered in Waterford is from whooping-cough.
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conciliating the cooperation of these corporations, why not pro-
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glandular tissue. True milk is not present in the mammary glands
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contact of a healthy or, at most, slightly abraded mucous
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out, cut into circles about seven inches in diameter. Put the
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many modifications, and have arrived at the conclusion that it
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Up until a little over a year ago I ble, and don't think I had more than
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