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ordinary fee could be demanded of one silver crown, or

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Dr. Leslie Tiittle, of Tweed, Ontario, died November 13th,

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acute lung diseases 428. consumption 3.'>(i, diphtheria and croup

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instance of it. Mania has been known to follow operations of magnitude;

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the City of New York. AVith Five Hundred and Sixty Illus-

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directly upon the kidney, especially upon the Malpighian

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jected into the substance of the lungs. As might be expected, crep-

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sumption and diseases of that class. The groups of ages

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may be occasional and caused by a change of posture, or it may be

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The accumulation of blood occasions a certain amount of paralysis from

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able, or feckless and ignorant one may do untold mischief to the health and

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chaste, that disputation on subjects which excite keenest dispute

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contraindications for tolterodine (detrol)

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the lower limbs — the amount of constriction exerted by the bandage, and espe-

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modified, we can develop flexion and secure rotation in nine out of

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It may be described as presenting nearly the same train of symp-

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similar to the Allison dissector, i- introduced at the upper

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fever. It is advisable to cleanse the meatus with alcohol and then hav-

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These are, the dura mater, arachnoid, and pia mater.

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It must be packed so that it is always sanitary and

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peculiarities.' It has been alleged that habitual crim-

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1967. Gould, Robert A., 701 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Morrisville, Pa. (19067)

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group of bacilli can be dismissed from etiologic consid-

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numbers, and may be recognized by its "end-to-end" diplo-form and

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In the small intestine they affect chiefly the free edges of the valvul»

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compounds, which must he ranged under the same che-

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the remainder of the body and of the mass of blood belonging to it De-

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three or four days. All this time, however, the pulse was unaffected. In length

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