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of casts has been made. Information on this point which is begin-
a little. During his homeward passage the haemoptysis returned
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fication, but later, except in special cases, simply extracted with
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spoke only an unusual Russian dialect. He entered the hospital with the
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of Medicine at Paris, in which not only the hydrated peroxide was found
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experiments (Nos. XI and XVII) no definite alteration occurred
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born alive; and this was the fact in the present case, as proved by
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several of our cases had had the most vigorous mercurial treatment possible,
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of the Digestive, Urinary, and Uterine Organs. 8vo. pp. 516, Phila-
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illustrated; but these eflects are not manifested in our Northern Regions,
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typhus fever and, conversely, that monkeys resistant to Mexican
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him, be it from physic to physics, as in Helmholtz's case, or from
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which decomposed the animal matter, dissolved the phosphates andthe arsenic, and
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other than the results of the solvent powers of the gastric acid.
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City Hospital, on recommendation of the senior staff, following that
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Rupture from partial dilatation of the heart, is the rarest form of
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yielded a serum which in animal experiments was very efficacious;
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sician w r as consulted. A knowledge of these early symptoms is so
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to ti>e true syphilitic chancre, as described by Mr. Hunter. From a fortnight
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limits of visible bodies being 0.15^ to 0.3/x Possibly still smaller
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Dr. Dunglison's excellent Medical Dictionary is going to a second edition, and
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or thickening over the malar processes, as is so frequently seen in cases
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dried spleen brought about coagulation within two and one-half
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tended with inconveniences often of a very serious nature. It cer-
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about the teeth of the majority; shall we then sacrifice all these teeth? It
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similar to the flannel abdominal bands, covering the side. He
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intestinal perforation. None of these cases recovered.
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(Fig. 5), which continued for thirteen minutes and then returned
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of blood and air into the pleural cavity. After a critical period of
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Correlating the above statistical data, we may safely come to
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although in the conciseness of our analysis we may not have noticed
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to occur but rarely from direct forces, and when resulting from forces acting