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many, for his essay entitled The Formation of an Arterial

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On September 28th an injection of 0.5 gramme was given.

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pressure in arteriosclerosis. He says : Exercise of

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sary or desirable to send our patients to sanatoria,

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fixation of the sugar as absorbed. Exercise decreases glycosuria,

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and every woman to hold before them the clear distinctions that

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treatment is that of the laryngitis, the child being

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bility to the disease ; and, lastly, that no untoward

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times does, occur. It is impossible to take up each

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nals, one was utilized for the test and the other as

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(jf these diseases in the homes, and families, is prac-

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fore the latter date, there had occurred another of

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ginal outlet with a rectocele and a small cystocele. The

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with all the consecutive signs of syphilis ; two cases

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the ovum had passed the fifth month, or along about

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Official list of changes in the stations and duties of offi-

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By E. 8. McKEB, M. D., Cincinnati, O. Lecturer mi Clinical 6]raecoloor,

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its influence on the iris did not fail to elicit mutu-

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to institute a rigid investigation into the management of

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inhibit specific germs beyond the area of actual de-

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ei^ilentir^ these convulsive seizures are apt to return

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ture nmning into the fourth week and without any marked

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fectious diseases, of the diseases of the blood, of

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dent is Dr. David Starr Jordan, of Stanford University:

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privities, which by reason of their vicinitie, to the

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as a matter of routine even if there is no glandular

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of metastasis are the liver, lungs, and bones though

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some cases it is best reached by following the course

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