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to Midwifery, Appendix, p. 648. Harvie ; see Guide to Midwifery, p, 66 r.

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Jullundur, in the 82nd Regiment, there were 19 cases and

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Opposite Hemisphere in the Subcortical Motor Area in a PaHent

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run home for assistance. Upon examination, his skin appeared cover-

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1. Strock (1907) who treated his cases of tetanus during

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transude from the mucous membrane into the bronchial tube.

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tified the clinical stages with the microscopic find-

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internal administration of carbolic acid or some similar drug, and

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defect, and one asks : " In which cases shall one repair the

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gunfire from our accompanying cruisers and destroyer

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simple and as follows : Into a clean quart bottle put a powder con-

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ministrative authorities, local and state, must use

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sion being sufficient to raise it to a horizontal position,

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patient fell no pain, although consciousness was almost unimpaired. Coiuiuent-

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points as possibly premature, for there is reason to

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treatment early. He had used it in all his cases ad-

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excite attention, particularly if such an individual has previously

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nection, and will be also noticed as one of the morbid conditions giv;