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was partly degenerated and in many places exhibited a cuboidal appearance

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a substitute for the thorough study of psychology. Without

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which latter is certainly the least fatal in Germany, Austria, and Amer-

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^ William C. Glasgow : The Etiolo^'v ;m<l M. Imii-iii .! A^tlmui American Journat.

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very little discharge in the bottle. In two cases, after there was no dis-

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benefit of such advance in science without surrendering the

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Fig. 9. Intestinal Obstruction, kinking of the Sigmoid.

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an observer as Fenwick must be of peculiar interest.

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the blood and its diseases that has yet been published. After reading

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Hookah that will tend not only to rest and amuse, but which will

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had occurred it had been invariably successfully met by the use

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(50) members or fraction thereof. Unorganized members are en-

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Quite frequently it is found that the sigmoid flexure lies

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Germanic infiltration method, but this attempt, so well financed pre-

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sibly for the "uplift" of the masses, soliciting liberal contributions

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erally located in or about the right iliac fossa. On one occasion,

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fendant is charged a violation of law. In other words, there is

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authorities in this field, says: "The campaign for health insurance in this

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same year, and he claims that it is usually due to sexual or alcoholic

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urine of patients suspected of having the other diseases.

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iodoform. In a case of psoriasis, although slower in its action than the older

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sent day understanding allows a fatal prognosis to take posses-

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the cocaine treatment in yellow fever was recommended, writes me under

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ticed systematically. The necessity of eliminating all sources of

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communication with the bladder. Of course, in ectopic cases we feel that

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pint of sweet oil, but all with negative results. On the preced-

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allowed to remain in the wound as a plug, and in both, later,

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tinuous mucous tract. There is practically no pain following the

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work falling under their policies. Note that they did not forbid the

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widest part, running to a point, and attached to the usual slender shafl

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hundred and eight. Taxis should be made but once, and that very

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destruction of the kidneys, — as gonorrhoea, cystitis, and other inflamma-

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— into which others who have written on this subject have run — of

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cases there was evident improvement in the sensory and motor disturbances.

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with cough, muco-purulent expectoration and even severe hemo-