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lieving officers who had been guilty of such practices should
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straps riveted to the sides of the foot-piece serve to
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hospitals. Before leaving the service he was assigned
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in any of the cases. The pathology of acropara;sthesia is
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space of two or three days. After that there were but
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•Transactions American Orthopedic Association, 1899, Vol. xii.
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4 p.m., with simple Colles's fracture of the left forearm and
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ible to the naked eye. Evidently, on microscopic e.\-
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pends upon great loss of nervous energy. Everything that recu-
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evidence that such was the case. On the other hand it is hard to
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the radius, near tlie wrisl, almost never fails to unite ;
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thinks must be referred to reflex action from the uterus. Even
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mineral matters always present in the water and in the air, and the
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avoid the perturbations and damaging effects of potential
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A nigrities scarcely ever pervades the entire bone : caries penetrates through it,
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following results. The whole body appeared bloated and livid in patches.
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to disturb the nutrition of the brain, and is more diffuse
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fiable, because there are other surgical measures unat-
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still contain put again into motion, it would be sufficient
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ness of the distended abdomen at this time (third and
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easy to see how it might build up new skin upon a surface denuded by
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which the disease was primary (that is, dated from the be-
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dying under precisely similar circumstances. The symptoms " were those
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as the agave Americana or maguey, indigenous in Texas, California, and
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come under my observation, and I do not recall a single
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:a cure. In this class we rank the cold-water treatment, sea-bathing, the
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expected period, and during the time, the patient ought to remain quiet in
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ihe determinations and judgments. Nervous women, whose wills are
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gauze being inserted in the lower angle for a couple of days. The fixation